How to Enable 2-Step Verification on Gmail

To create an extra layer of security to your Gmail Account than Turn-on 2-Step Verification. This article will gives you a complete procedure about How to Enable 2-Step Verification on Gmail. This is really very important to protect your account.

I have make in post very simple and use easy language to understand, which helps you to easily enable this two-Step Verification on Gmail. Follow the steps by steps complete process and protect your account.

So look out this article very closely to protect your account from the hackers and Turn-on the 2 step verification. If you have not enable the 2-step verification yet than follow the process mention in this post.

How to Enable 2-Step Verification on Gmail

Check out the below mention complete step by step guide to Turn-on 2-Step verification and protect your account.

➾ First click here to enter the 2-step verification page.

➾ Now sign in and than click on security button on the left navigation panel.

➾ Now here in Signing in to Google click on "2-Step verification".

➾ Now click on the "Get Started".

➾ When you click on "Get Started" you have enter your password again and press "Next".

➾ Now follow the instructions mention on the screen and complete the process.

➾ As soon as you complete the process 2-Step Verification is enables, which gives extra security to your account.


This post is the complete guide for the process for How to Enable 2-Step Verification on Gmail. Check out the steps to Turn-on 2-step verification which gives your Gmail account and extra layer of protection.

While completing the process if you find some trouble or want to share any opinion than leave a comment in below mention comment box we help you out. And visit our website for more related useful information.


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